Tea And Fruits

We like to invite you to discuss science over a healthy breakfast!

You are most warmly welcome to join us on April 14th to hear about two interesting research projects while enjoying breakfast.

The morning starts with a Q&A with the Vice Dean of Research Teemu Leinonen from ARTS. After Teemu we’ll have two researchers telling us about their projects. At 9.15 Zach Dodson will talk about his work on Visual Narrative and at 9.45 the stage is given to Tua Björklund from the Design Factory, who will tell us How To Sustain Proactive Development.

The breakfast is served at the Design Factory (Otaniemi) at 8.30-10.30. You are most warmly welcome to bring a friend – the breakfast event is open for everyone. To ensure there’s enough breakfast for everyone, please sign up here: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/1A9595573FC6951D.par

At 9.10
Visual Narrative
Zach Dodson
Department of Media
School of Arts, Design & Architecture

Graphic Design is changing rapidly. Aesthetics remain an important part of solutions that now include new forms such as story-telling, experiences, and authorship. Boundaries between disciplines are quickly disappearing. Rick Poynor says “Graphic design was always a place where interdisciplinary interests could find a home, and one can view recent developments as an inevitable fulfilment of the field’s potential. For this kind of work, though, graphic design has become outmoded as a misleading term. We need a sharp new name to convey the purpose, contribution, and identity of an expanded, integrative, transmedia discipline of communication and expression.” A discipline like this is Visual Narrative.

Visual Narrative is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. The story may be told using still photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio.

At 9.45
How to Sustain Proactive Developlment
Tua Björklund
Aalto University Design Factory

Not even great ideas advance themselves in organizations. Rather, proactive efforts are required to develop and implement initial improvement ideas. In this presentation, I summarize findings from seven case studies of product designers and entrepreneurs from the point of view of the antecedents and practices found to sustain proactive efforts over time. A tentative model for the role of concretization in this process is presented.

More info can be found here: http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/upcoming-breakfasts/
Are you interested in presenting your work to Aalto community?

We are currently looking for speakers for breakfasts in fall 2015. If you are interested in presenting your research and finding collaboration partners, please send your proposal to Leena Närekangas(@aalto.fi)

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Aalto Factories as well as Research Institute (Aalto ARTS), Research support services and International Relations.