Welcome to enjoy breakfast with us on December 9th!

We will be happy to host this year’s last Researchers’ Breakfast at the Media Factory on December 9th at 8.30. The first speaker will begin at 9.00. With delicious breakfast, we will enjoy two interesting talks by Asta Raami from the Department of Media, on Designers Benefiting Their Intuitive Thinking and by Helena Sustar from the Department of Design on Work In Progress: Designing For Finnish Immigration Services.

You are more than welcome to join us! To ensure that there’s enough coffee and food for everyone, please sign up for the event here: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/0F3CBEC10F207841.par.

At 9.00
Designers Benefiting Their Intuitive Thinking
by Asta Raami
Department of Media

– is it possible to evaluate the reliability of intuition and develop intuition further?

Intuition is often described being one of the most important tools of creation among designers, artists and researchers. Intuition is an integral part of human thinking and together with reasoning faculties it forms the basis of it.

Both reasoning and intuitive faculties need training and practice in order to utilize the potential of them. However, the formal education and even design studies are strongly based on development of reasoning faculties and intuition is ignored hence its potential is lost.

The objective of this study is in use of intuition and the developmental aspects of it researched through the experiences of designers and people using a lot of intuition.

Read more about the topic and the speaker here: http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/upcoming-breakfasts/.

At 9.40
Work In Progress: Designing For Finnish Immigration Services
by Helena Sustar
Department of Design

‘Walk in Another’s Shoes’ or the ‘Many Faces of Integration’ is work in progress project, started in January 2014 at the Aalto University, Design Research Department, Encore Research Group. The project focuses on mapping and visualizing different customer journeys and service networks of immigrants coming to Finland. The customer journeys and service networks are mapped through interviews and workshops with various service providers and customers. Service providers can be for example, the governmental organisations, private companies and immigrants’ associations. Customers include immigrants with diverse backgrounds. The insight gained through interviews and workshops will be used as a base for visualizing opportunities and challenges in the current services. The presentation will reveal current situation of immigrants living in Helsinki, its challenges and future opportunities.

Read more about Sustar and her topic here: http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/upcoming-breakfasts/.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Aalto Factories (Design, Health, Media, Service), ARTS Research Institute , Research support services and Aalto International Relations.