Welcome to the Researchers’ Breakfast on Jan 15th

Aalto Media Factory launched last year an initiative to help the Aalto researchers (both tenure and visitors) and professors to network inside the university by offering a chance to meet old colleagues and get to know new ones at monthly breakfast. After an excellent start it is time to send out invitations to the first breakfast meeting in 2013!

Every breakfast meeting will present one or two researchers and their works. In January Pia Tikka from the Department of Film, Television and Scenography will talk about her research Scenes from a marriage between gaming and cinema – Enactive avatar in feature film starting at 9:30. The Research Support Service and Aalto International Campus will also introduce their services and update their latest news. The breakfast is served (bread, coffee and tea) between 8:30-10:30.

You are warmly welcome to join us! Please sign up latest on Jan 11th.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Research Institute, Research support services and International Relations.


At 9:00 – 9:10
Need help with external research funding?

Antti Ruotoistenmäki from the Research Support Services (RSS) will introduce the ARTS School team for external research funding. Come to us when you need help with getting and managing external funding for research, including IPR, contract and any other legal issues involved with external funding.

At 9:10 – 9:20
Get connected in 2013

Hanna Nurmela from HR will tell about special networking events organised for Aalto’s international faculty and staff. Come to hear whom you can meet at Meet and Greet –event, what Win Win winter is about, how to get a Finnish family friend and how Aalto Club operates. And other stuff as well.

At 9:30 – 10:00
Scenes from a marriage between gaming and cinema – Enactive avatar in feature film

Pia Tikka will present her enactive feature film project “Maiden of Dusk”, currently in development. An enactive feature film involves both linear narration and enactive sequences. In the latter, the narrative flow (mise-en-scène) will be determined in real-time in response to physiological reactions of the spectator. A subgoal is to develop and test methods to produce a human-like avatar, which resembles the main character as close as possible and allows changes in real time. The enactive avatar technologies include (1) facial scanning (2) the facial expression encoding models and real-time computer animation, and (3) enactive interface and emotion-driven feedback. A simulation model will concretize the concept and preliminary functionality of the enactive avatar.

We are looking speakers and interesting topics for upcoming breakfasts!

If you are interested in presenting your research and get valuable feedback and contacts, send us a email and we’ll invite you to the stage in one of the meetings this spring (12.2., 12.3., 9.3.).

For more information, please contact
Leena Närekangas
Tel. 050 342 7114
Email. leena.narekangas@aalto.fi