Mathematics Comics Novel

Drawings by Pedro Aibéo

The drawings exhibited are part of the book “this is not just mathematics” published in 2012 in Portugal. This is not a book on formal Math, but an outreach one. Half of the book is illustrated with a parallel narrative, sometimes divergent and others completely secant with the main text. The stories deconstruct the mathematical concepts and lead the reader close to nonsense while raising new relevant issues. They can be amusing breaks from reading, but often these just challenge the reader.


Pedro Aibéo is an independent Architect (MSc Dipl. Ing. SAFA) and Civil Engineer (MSc), musician, theatre producer, media artist, writer and researcher, currently based in Helsinki and in Brisbane. As an Architect he has more than 15 buildings built in 10 different countries. In theatre he has founded the “Cidadania” Theater Group and written and staged plays around urban planning, astronomy and mortality in venues such as the State Theater of Germany and the United Nations. As a musician he performs “world music” with the band Homebound. In media, he invented a new digital bagpipe, several low budget augmented reality installations and designed stages and video installations. His latest comic novel about mathematics was a best-seller in Portugal. He is been researching on “Architectural Democracy” and lecturing at TU Darmstadt, Aalto University Helsinki, QUT Brisbane and Bauhaus Dessau.