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As the Media Factory merged with Media Centre Lume to become Aalto Studios, many Media Factory operations have now ended or are being re-imagined as part of the new entity. These pages are kept for archival purposes.

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Researchers’ Breakfasts – a monthly networking event
Games Now! 2015-16 – lecture series

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It´s a wrap. Merry Xmas from HapLab! (12/19/2016) - The Grande Finale We will humbly thank all participants, customers, students and supporters. These new deliverables will finalize the HapLab as a project within Aalto University. The HapLab report II is available here in English, and in Finnish. The eTextbook report has been published in English as a shortened version. Available here, the Finnish version is […]
Aalto Studios 2017 (12/7/2016) - Time to move on. We have packed up our Arabia facilities on December 16th 2016 and joined Media Centre Lume in building a new, ambitious initiative and facility at the Aalto campus in Otaniemi during the next years. While this was made public some time ago, we didn’t yet have a name to go by. […]
3D Open-source Digital Heritage and Sustainable Technologies Workshop Dec 1st – Dec 3rd (11/21/2016) - Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture’s Media Lab is hosting a workshop and training with public presentations and discussions on open source methodologies, practices and ideologies. The event will take place on 1-3 December, 2016 at the Aalto Media Factory (AMF) in Arabia, Helsinki. The objective of the workshop is to discuss key issues and hopefully come […]
Open job: Media Factory Needs a Student AV-assistant (10/26/2016) - Media Factory is looking for a student for AV-assistant position. We will need a person about one month starting as soon as possible and lasting till 21 Nov 2016. Job description: taking care of Media Factory equipment lending, organising rooms, helping with edits and other tasks. The working time is mainly office time and most preferably full time work. […]
Kulttuurin yhdenvertaisuus foorumi 2.-4.11.2016 (10/11/2016) - Media Factory on mukana järjestämässä taide- ja kulttuurialan toimijoille,  teknologian ja saavutettavuuden asiantuntijoille sekä kulttuurin käyttäjille ja muille kiinnostuneille  tarkoitettua Kulttuurin yhdenvertaisuus -foorumia Aalto-yliopiston Arabian kampuksella. Kolmipäiväisen foorumin aikana on mahdollisuus osallistua ennakkotyöpajoihin ja käydä tutustumassa erilaisten organisaatioiden toimintaan. Lisää tietoa foorumista täällä.
Work Opportunities for Students (10/6/2016) - Every now and then somebody asks if there was a person who could edit or shoot a video, program something, design sound, make graphics, logo, animation and so on. Media Factory has a recruitment list you can express your willingness in order to get work proposals of your expertise. Please reveal yourself and your skills here: Recruitment […]
Aalto Media Factory Video Clinic (9/27/2016) - The next Aalto Media Factory video clinic takes place during November and December 2016 Want to make better videos about your research or study project? Want to discuss how to popularise science through videos? Media Factory is organising a three-day video clinic, targeted to people who are using video as a tool in their work or […]
Grant for Exchange Studies in Russia (9/20/2016) - For all the students of Aalto University this is a great opportunity to get to know Russia. A grant will be given for the studies .Student exchanges from Finland to Russia are intended for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students enrolled in a partner institution. Student grants are only available for full-time study or practical training […]
Wanted: Workshop Master for Fablab (9/6/2016) - AALTO UNIVERSITY IS LOOKING FOR A WORKSHOP MASTER FOR FABLAB Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is looking for a Workshop Master. The position is permanent and starts as soon as possible. The Workshop Master is responsible for the operations, equipment, maintenance and development of Aalto Fablab, as well as for the acquisition […]
Virtual Reality workshop (8/17/2016) - The first Virtual Reality workshop at Aalto Media Factory gathered about 50 VR-enthusiasts to make virtual reality films and meet others. It shows that the new technology in film making has been well received in Finland. You are welcome to explore the state of the art of VR short-films in Finland at Tennispalatsi on Wednesday […]
Virtual Reality Filmmaking Workshop (8/9/2016) - The first 8-day workshop on VR filmmaking 13-20 August 2016 The workshop is a non-profit endeavour to introduce VR to filmmakers, who are eager to explore the exciting artistic possibilities of the format, but may find themselves intimidated by the sometimes daunting practical and technical realities that VR involves. The goal of the workshop is that […]
Media Factory is on summer holiday till August (6/30/2016) - We are on summer break. The doors will open again in August. Wish you a nice summer! Its really time to rest,
IoT Helsinki meets at Media Factory (6/9/2016) - Internet of Things is a Helsinki based community that has meetups regularly in different locations. The community has about 1130 members. The talks vary depending on the speakers and locations. Thursday 9th June the meeting will be at Media Factory, Hämeentie 135A, Helsinki. The event is organised by Martti Ylikoski, and hosted by Aalto Media Factory. […]
Thu 19 May: Satyajit Ray and Modern Indian Cinema (5/17/2016) - Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik (Department of HSS, IIT Kanpur, India)  will give a talk on Thursday 19th May at 17:00 about the most famous Indian film-maker, Satyajit Ray at Aalto Media Factory. The talk will focus on Satyajit Ray’s very first movie “Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road, 1955).” The movie considered as one of best films […]
Random Hexagons (5/3/2016) - AMF gallery presents algorithm-based computer graphics by Severi Virolainen from 3rd to 20th May 2016. The works are created by using GDL language of ArchiCAD and randomness and printed with an inkjet printer. All the works are based on one parametric hexagon, which has been multiplied different ways by using and limiting the randomness. The depth is created […]
Random Hexagons – Satunnaisia kuusikulmioita (4/27/2016) - By Severi Virolainen Computer graphics. The works are created by using GDL language of ArchiCAD and randomness and printed with an inkjet printer. All the works are based on one parametric hexagon, which has been multiplied different ways by using and limiting the randomness. The depth is created by layering hexagons so that the hexagons […]
The Italian Connection (4/20/2016) - Haplab and ARTS have recently improved their visibility in the Italian peninsula The largest Italian library magazine Biblioteche Oggi published just our article on social reading – in Italian. Italian tech provider and publishing startup Pubcoder interviewed Harri Heikkilä in their blog because the coop at Publishing for Emerging Platforms -MA course at ARTS. We tested Pubcoder-application, assessed it and […]
Haplab visited Paris Book Fair 16–18.3.2016 (4/20/2016) - Highlights from digital point of view: The sixth ebook barometer has been published 28% of Frenchmen have a dedicated e-reading device 29%  read the same ebook with different devices 20% of Frenchmen have read ebooks All french books from last century will be published as free ePUBs, if title not commercially available There is a legislation to […]
Touch the touchables of the past and present (4/20/2016) - Introducing new acquisitions at HapLab eReading PettingZoo: Rocket eBook of 1998 (pic) and Plastic Logic 100, a 10,7 ” e-ink textbook device from 2011.  Rocket by Nuvomedia was perhaps the first dedicated e-book reader in the world, it sported a 5.4″ monochrome display and was able to contain 40 books! Plastic Logic was considered to […]
HapLab-app in the works! (4/20/2016) - Johannes Neumeier (left), the student of the Publishing design for the emerging platforms -course at Aalto ARTS discusses the app interface with Jun Li and Antti Sihlman from Neonto Studio (link: The native app will be published in summer 2016 and it is targeted to designers and publishers who are interested in good practices […]