It´s a wrap. Merry Xmas from HapLab!

The Grande Finale

We will humbly thank all participants, customers, students and supporters. These new deliverables will finalize the HapLab as a project within Aalto University.

  • The HapLab report II is available here in English, and in Finnish.
  • The eTextbook report has been published in English as a shortened version. Available here, the Finnish version is here.
  • The pedagogic HapLab app has reached the Apple Store.
    Available here for iPhone, (sry no tablet- nor Android version at this time).

HapLab project manager Harri Heikkilä will start as a researcher in The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (Tieteellisten Seurain Valtuuskunta) in an Electronic Book Platforms -Project 2.1.2017. New plans for research and dev. on touch screens and on eReading are forming up. See the end of the report II.  Further info: Harri Heikkilä +358 400 214724,