Electronics studio

Curious about how electronics breathes life into inanimate objects? Need to quickly solder something, or even print a flexible circuit board?

Please note

As the Media Factory merged with Media Centre Lume to become Aalto Studios, the Electronics studio is now located in Otaniemi. See the Fablab site for more details.

Our compact Electronics studio can help any Aalto people learn the basics of do-it-yourself building. We have a set of typical equipment, bucketloads of components, easy-to-use Arduino  boards for connecting computers and learning material at hand. Situated inside the Fablab, you have easy access to workshop equipment and 3D fabrication tools, too.

Visit during the Open days

The weekly Fablab open days are a great time to pop in and see what we can do for you. See the Fablab’s own web site for more details, or contact the studio master directly for more information.