Interested in digital fabrication? Curious about 3D printing?

Please note

As the Media Factory merged with Media Centre Lume to become Aalto Studios, the Fablab is now located in Otaniemi. See the Fablab site for more details.

Do it yourself

The Aalto FabLab is a small scale do-it-yourself workshop for just that. In our Fablab you’ll find a lasercutter, a vinyl cutter, a desktop CNC milling machine,  3D printers and electronics prototyping equipment.

Our staff will help you get started, but you’re responsible for manufacturing your model yourself during our opening hours. Prior to using the equipment, we recommend taking one of our courses, or learning to use the devices during our open days.

See detailed list of devices

  • Epilog Legend 36EXT Laser Cutter
  • Roland Modela MDX-20 Milling Machine
  • Roland Modela MDX-40 Milling Machine
  • A couple of MakerBots 3D printers
  • Ultimaker 3D Printers
  • Formlabs
  • Roland CAMM-1 Servo Vinyl Cutter

And an assortment of workshop tools for wood, plastic and metal work. More details on the machinery can be found on the at the Fablab’s web site.

Open days almost every week

We aim to make this equipment available to everyone, not just students of art, design and engineering – we host Open Days (almost) every week. Check the Fablab site for details and bring your design idea along!

Courses for students and staff

Every term, we run courses to get Aalto people acquainted with the gear and able to operate them by themselves. Student courses can be found in Noppa, and upcoming staff courses are posted on the Aalto information boards.

Find out more on our dedicated Aalto Fablab site!