Web Essentials

A series of 3 hour sessions helping you grow from absolute beginner to practising craftsperson*

We look at the history and structure of the Web, from both technological and cultural viewpoints, and progress quickly towards learning HTML, CSS and some JavaScript by heart, hands-on. These techniques are a great gateway drug for programming in general, if you’ll work with developers in the future, or decide to get deeper into app development.

The content of the sessions depend on the direction we choose to take.

For students this is not a credited, official course, but I will note your attendance. This way, your participation can go towards earning credits, if teachers at your departments are willing to acknowledge these sessions as part of a course there. Point them at me, if they’d like to know more about the subject matter.


  • The sessions are for Aalto- related people. Your host will define ‘related’. Students, staff both are welcome.
  • You’ll need to bring a computer of your choice, but all software we’ll need is freely available.
  • I would prefer if you have a real life project to work on. Either modifying one you already have, or starting some new one, such as a project site or personal portfolio.
  • We’ll use Codepen for notes and study materials, so you could sign up for a free account at http://codepen.io
  • You’ll need to sign up with me in advance by mailing me at jon.fabritius@aalto.fi.

Share freely

Forward this freely to interested parties, I’ll welcome any Aalto student or staff member but will limit attendance at some magic number smaller than 20.

* Actual results may vary depending on energy and motivation shown by participants.