The Aalto Snapshots Guide – How to make a short presentation video about your project

The “Aalto Snapshots” are a series of short 4-5 minutes documentaries about Aalto’s phenomena – art and research projects, happenings etc. The goal of making the series was to present Aalto to the public and to create a standard for the university’s various presentation videos. This guide for making your own presentation video was produced along with the documentaries.

The motivation for the project came from the fact that there’s more and more videos on the web and the importance of audio-visuality is being emphasized in communications. So there’s an increasing need for producing good quality audiovisual presentations.

Besides reading this guide, you should also look at these quick tips for Internet video production, produced by the Aalto Communications.

The Snapshots Videos

The Aalto-1 satellite project video describes how a student project in the Department of Radio Science and Engineering prepares to launch the first Finnish satellite in space.

The Faux dance performance video shows how a costume design student prepared electronic costumes for a dance performance by Alpo Aaltokoski.

The Aalto Fablab video presents the Aalto Media Factory’s open workshop, which invites everybody to use laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines, etc. to make anything at all.

The 365 Wellbeing video focused on design for wellbeing with municipal partners – for example in health care services.

Next, let’s look at the elements that the Snapshots videos consist of!