The project began April 2011 and is ongoing.

AaltoWindow is a multitouch platform that mediates content created by Aalto students, researchers, staff members, and organizations. It aims to (A) open a virtual interactive window into our university – to increase visibility inside and outside Aalto, (B) to complement the physical campus structure with interconnected multitouch tables – to increase collaboration and interaction , and (C) provide resources for course works and lectures, workshops, and research – to support learning and discovery.

The platform is available to all Aalto community members: for individual students who want to learn multitouch interaction, for courses that seek a platform for exercise works, for research projects to gather or disseminate research results, for Aalto services and units to mediate content in public places and events, etc.

The concept design and prototype phase of the project was initially funded by AMF in spring 2011. Since the concept and the prototype proved feasible, the second phase of the project received further funding from AMF and Aalto IT during fall 2011 and spring 2012. This second phase built the software framework, acquired three multitouch tables, produced teaching material, instructed course works for five media and interactino related courses, and developed several prototype applications for events, demos and learning hubs using the framework.

The project is now in its third phase, i.e., producing content. The third phase is hosted by the Department of Media Technology, and funded by each individual content production sub-project. Currently, the content producers include the LUMA center (MSc thesis for multitouch in education), Aalto Library (MSc thesis for remote assistance in department library hubs), Aalto Communications Services (applications for special events and permanent installation), and two ongoing courses at the Department of Media Technology.

Project lead:
Jari Kleimola ( jari.kleimola@aalto.fi )
Contact information:
Jari Kleimola, School of Science, Dept. of Media Technology (jari.kleimola@aalto.fi)
Project members:
Petri Vuorimaa (petri.vuorimaa@aalto.fi)
Ani-Jatta Immonen (ani-jatta.immonen@aalto.fi)
Vesa Välimäki (vesa.valimaki@aalto.fi)
Koray Tahiroglu (koray.tahiroglu@aalto.fi)
Dipti Sonawane (bs.dipti@gmail.com)
Palash Mukhopadhyay (mpalash@gmail.com)