Creating Interfaces for the Future

ARTS_HSL (4)Ubiquitous network society will be built on touch screens. They are everywhere, not only in smartphones but in cameras, in watches… and even in trams and omnibuses. Therefore it is crucial to understand the specific design patterns and good practices in developing user interfaces for them.

That was the topic of two week Touch screen -workshop at IX-course of Aalto ART´s Design department with AMF HapLab


During that time four groups of students assessed the current UI of Helsinki City Transport (HSL) ticketing device and created five suggestions for the better interface using touch screen heuristic model. Our cooperation partner HSL provided the actual devices for the lab, briefed us on the ticketing system requirements and is currently evaluating the outcomes for the future use.

Outcomes were delivered as usability reports and found problems were targeted as five fully functional interactive mockups for the device.

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