Aalto Studios 2017

Time to move on.

We have packed up our Arabia facilities on December 16th 2016 and joined Media Centre Lume in building a new, ambitious initiative and facility at the Aalto campus in Otaniemi during the next years. While this was made public some time ago, we didn’t yet have a name to go by. Now we do.

We call ourselves Aalto Studios.

To stay up to date, make a note of studios.aalto.fi, where we’ll build up more information on what we are aiming for, and how we’re starting to plan it together with you.

And be sure to like our New Facebook Page to get the latest behind-the-scenes view on our relocation and reignition for 2017!

Open job: Media Factory Needs a Student AV-assistant

Media Factory is looking for a student for AV-assistant position. We will need a person about one month starting as soon as possible and lasting till 21 Nov 2016.

Job description: taking care of Media Factory equipment lending, organising rooms, helping with edits and other tasks. The working time is mainly office time and most preferably full time work.

Contact: Juhani Tenhunen (firstname.lastname@aalto.fi) or tel. +358 505184087

Work Opportunities for Students

Every now and then somebody asks if there was a person who could edit or shoot a video, program something, design sound, make graphics, logo, animation and so on. Media Factory has a recruitment list you can express your willingness in order to get work proposals of your expertise.

Please reveal yourself and your skills here: Recruitment List

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Video school 3.0 in May 2015!

Do you need to make an interview-based video related to your research or study project? Want to get familiar with Media Factory’s AV equipment?

The new, improved Media Factory video school is here! The course is five days long and distributed during three weeks in May. It focuses on making a short, interview based documentary video, such as the Aalto Snapshots. We will learn to use Media Factory’s own video equipment that you can borrow for your production later on!

During the course we learn the basics of shooting video and recording quality audio with hands-on exercises. We will also learn how to edit video and audio with Adobe Premiere. During the course the attendants will produce their own, short interview based video in groups. Please bring your own idea for a 3-5 minute interview based documentary film and prepare to present it to your group in the beginning of the week. One idea out of four will be actually produced in each group!

The course teachers are three master students from the Department of Film, Television and Scenography. They study the fields of cinematography, sound recording and sound design, and film editing and are now ready to give you tips on how to make your video look and sound better!

Registrate here (https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/D93A322F8069AB47.par) before 16th of April! We will inform you on the whether you were selected for the course after 19th of April.

The course will be held on 4.5. – 5.5. & 12.5. – 13.5. and 19.5.

Course topics in brief:
– shooting video with Canon 5D mark II (focus on interview situations)
– recording speech with professional gear
– editing image and sound with Adobe Premiere

Course schedule:

MON 4.5.

Morning 9:00 – 12:00: Brief introduction lecture: planning your production, basic concepts of camerawork and audio recording. Going briefly through the camera- and recording equipment used during the course.

Afternoon 13:00 – 17:00: Four guided interview exercises in four groups: camera, lighting, recording audio, directing/interviewee. Getting to know the equipment better and learning the roles in a video production.

TUE 5.5.

Morning 9:00 – 12:00: Reviewing the material produced during previous day’s exercises. Lecture: Analysis of the structure of an interview based short documentary (one of the Aalto Snapshots). Starting the group work: presenting and choosing the ideas.

Afternoon 13:00 – 17:00: Group work: planning each groups’ own documentary. Tutoring with equipment and planning.

From 6.5. to 11.5. Shooting the group works (each group approx. 4 hours)

TUE 12.5.

Morning 9:00 – 12:00: Lecture: Basics of digital video formats. Editing with Adobe Premiere: importing the material, syncing image and sound, basic editing principles.

Afternoon 13:00 – 17:00: Editing workshop.

WED 13.5.

Morning 9:00 – 12:00: Lecture: Where to find creative commons licensed music, images etc. that you can use on your video. Group work: editing the videos, guidance provided.

Afternoon 13:00 – 17:00: Lecture: Adding titles and basic color correction. Smoothing sound in Premiere. Group work: editing the videos, guidance provided.

TUE 19.5.

Morning 9:00 – 12:00: Finishing touches. Exporting the videos.

Afternoon 13:00 – 17:00: Premiere of the exercise documentaries. Feedback.

No previous knowledge on video productions is required for attending the course. The teaching language is English.

More information from Leena Närekangas – leena.narekangas@aalto.fi

New AV equipment available

New additions have been made to Media Factory’s AV equipment supplies.

The new pieces include Kessler Pocket Dolly, Zacuto Cross Fire, Zacuto Z-Finder Pro, Genus ND Fader as well as new firmware update for Sony FS700 and more. You can see the full list of all available equipment on the AV Production Equipment site.

If you want more information on the Zacuto Cross  Fire, our AV-assistant Matti recommends you to check out this video review:

(Zacuto Striker/Crossfire Review from Chris Weatherly on Vimeo.)

The AV equipment can be booked for Aalto related projects, and of course all the fun is free of charge! Whether you only need a white background, or a set of cameras, microphones and lights, we’ll be happy to loan you what you need. See the list of equipment on the site and contact Matti Vesanen to specify your equipment needs.

Once you’ve recorded your material and need to edit, we also provide AV edits –room for you to use. The edits-room has Adobe Premiere as well as Final Cut Pro X for all video editing. The room is equipped with two Mac Pro -workstations with two screens, and also a 24″ HD Wacom pen display.

AV Edits -room available for Aalto people

Did you know, that Media Factory has an AV edits -room, which is available for Aalto students and staff to use for projects?

The AV edits provides Adobe Premiere as well as Final Cut Pro X for all video editing. The room is equipped with two Mac Pro -workstations with two screens, and also a 24″ HD Wacom pen display.

In addition to the Premiere, AV edits of course has the complete Adobe CS5.5 -package for any other editing work that your project requires. The room also has Unity Pro Game Engine for game asset editing.

For more detailed information on the equipment and reserving the room, see the AV edits -page.

Haemme av-taitoista siviilipalvelukseen! / A place open for a non-military service in AMF

Aalto Media Factory on Aalto-yliopiston strateginen hanke, jonka tehtävänä on kehittää ja edistää media-alan tutkimusta ja koulutusta Suomessa sekä olla yhteistyöalustana yritysten ja yliopiston välillä. Media Factory järjestää paljon eri tyyppisiä tilaisuuksia ja tuotamme yliopistolle AV-palveluja. Media Factoryyn kuuluu myös Aalto Fablab-työpaja, jossa voidaan valmistaa lähes mitä tahansa käyttäen esimerkiksi 3D-printtereitä ja laserleikkuria.

Palkkaamme yhden siviilipalvelusmiehen, jonka tehtäviin kuuluvat AV-kaluston ylläpito, lainaus ja opastus, tilojen ylläpidosta huolehtiminen, video- ja stillkuvaus, sekä muut erityyppiset avustavat tehtävät. Tehtävässä opitaan uusia asioita ja siinä ollaan tekemisissä opiskelijoiden ja henkilökunnan kanssa. Koska työympäristö on kansainvälinen, vaadimme englannin kielen osaamista sekä suullisesti että kirjallisesti.

Tehtävä alkaa huhti-toukokussa 2013.

Edellytämme hakijoilta:
– palveluhalukkuutta ja täsmällisyyttä
– järjestelmällisyyttä ja joustavuutta
– oma-aloitteisuutta
– AV-laitteiden tuntemusta
– englannin kielen taitoa
– tietotekniikan tuntemusta

Eduksi katsotaan:
– tehtävään soveltuva koulutus (esim. AMK) tai työkokemus
– kohtuulliset asumiskustannukset

Lisätietoja tehtävästä antaa Thomas Ruotsalainen (nykyinen sivari) ja Juhani Tenhunen (factory manager) (etunimi.sukunimi@aalto.fi)

Hakemukset sähköpostilla cv:n ja asumiskustannusselvityksen kera.

We are looking for a person to do his/hers non-military service in Aalto Media Factory, starting in March-April 2013. Contact Juhani Tenhunen for more info.

Aalto Media Factory house warming party 18th Nov!

Hi all,

we would like to welcome you to our house warming party in Media Factory’s shining new space in Arabia campus on Friday, 18th of November, from 14:00 to 19:00. Come celebrate with us, see what we’ve already built here and discuss the future plans for the space! There will be refreshments served, music, a gaming room and films.

Please register for the event in here: https://www.webropol.com/P.aspx?id=579066&cid=129508905
How to get there: http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/?page_id=693

Preliminary program:
14:00 tour in Media Factory’s new space
14:30 – 15:30 welcoming speeches in the auditorium
15:30 buffet opens
16:00 Open call-project presentations and Fablab concept presentation in the workshop space
17:00 music in the auditorium

Hoping to see you soon!
Aalto Media Factory office staff