Aalto Studios 2017

Time to move on.

We have packed up our Arabia facilities on December 16th 2016 and joined Media Centre Lume in building a new, ambitious initiative and facility at the Aalto campus in Otaniemi during the next years. While this was made public some time ago, we didn’t yet have a name to go by. Now we do.

We call ourselves Aalto Studios.

To stay up to date, make a note of studios.aalto.fi, where we’ll build up more information on what we are aiming for, and how we’re starting to plan it together with you.

And be sure to like our New Facebook Page to get the latest behind-the-scenes view on our relocation and reignition for 2017!

Kulttuurin yhdenvertaisuus foorumi 2.-4.11.2016

Kulttuurin yhdenvertaisuus -logo. Sininen yhtäläisyysmerkki jota ympyröi keltainen nuoli

Media Factory on mukana järjestämässä taide- ja kulttuurialan toimijoille,  teknologian ja saavutettavuuden asiantuntijoille sekä kulttuurin käyttäjille ja muille kiinnostuneille  tarkoitettua Kulttuurin yhdenvertaisuus -foorumia Aalto-yliopiston Arabian kampuksella. Kolmipäiväisen foorumin aikana on mahdollisuus osallistua ennakkotyöpajoihin ja käydä tutustumassa erilaisten organisaatioiden toimintaan.

Lisää tietoa foorumista täällä.

Work Opportunities for Students

Every now and then somebody asks if there was a person who could edit or shoot a video, program something, design sound, make graphics, logo, animation and so on. Media Factory has a recruitment list you can express your willingness in order to get work proposals of your expertise.

Please reveal yourself and your skills here: Recruitment List

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Virtual Reality workshop

MTVnews2_160816The first Virtual Reality workshop at Aalto Media Factory gathered about 50 VR-enthusiasts to make virtual reality films and meet others. It shows that the new technology in film making has been well received in Finland. You are welcome to explore the state of the art of VR short-films in Finland at Tennispalatsi on Wednesday 17th August 17:30-19:30. Buy tickets here.

MTV3 made a news insert of the workshop. Please click here to check the insert!

VR workshop website: http://vrworkshophelsinki.fi/

Researchers’ Breakfast at Media Factory Tue 12 April 2016

You are warmly welcome to join us for good breakfast and interesting talks at Aalto Media Factory next Tuesday (12 Apr 2016). The breakfast is served between 8.30 to 10.00.

The event is open for everybody, also for people outside Aalto University. Please remember to sign up, it will help us to order the right amount of food for the breakfast.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Aalto Factories as well as Research and Innovation Services.


8:30 Breakfast is served

D.Sc (Econ) Riku Oksman (Department of Management Studies, School of Business):
Developing Critically Informed Practical Knowing in Project Management Education

Riku Oksman will introduce three different pedagogical methods in teaching undergraduate level project management courses.

Riku Oksman  is experienced trainer and organizational developer. He is specialized in utilizing experiential and interactive methods for training and development.
Riku’s special area of expertise is project organizing and its development. He also has  broad understanding of various themes in the field of management and organizing, ranging from leadership to strategy.

Researcher, lecturer, project manager Markus Joutsela (Department of Media School of Art, Design and Architecture):

Introducing Experience Goals into Packaging Design

Consumer experiences are an increasingly important driving force for commerce, affecting also packaging design. Experience design for packages is rarely studied, however.

Specifically, there is a gap in research regarding the integration of experiential goals into the packaging design process. Open questions include how to describe the experience goals in the design brief when package design is outsourced, how to deal with changes during the design process, and how to evaluate, if the delivered design evokes the intended experience in the target audience. In this paper Markus presents three package design cases where experience goals were integrated into an outsourced packaging design process. The cases cover the design process from brief formation to experience evaluation of the resulted packages. He analyses the challenges and benefits of integrating experience goals into package design process, and provides topics for future research. Keywords: experience goals; packaging design; brief; design for experience

Markus Joutsela is a designer (entrepeneur), university teacher and packaging design researcher at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. He manages Pack-Age course and Valuepack research project that involves 17 funding companies, 3 research organizations and Tekes: Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Long night – short films: Short Film Day is coming again on Dec 21st

When the night is long and the day dark, our films are short. Media Factory is proud to announce two screenings of short films at our auditorium as part of the International Short Film Day on December 21st!

During the darkest day of the winter, we will host two open screenings for all film lovers and enthusiasts. Free of charge.

Schedule for Short Film Day at the Aalto Media Factory, Monday 21.12.

Animations for Children at 10:00
(59 min., without dialogue, except the film How The Mole Got His Trousers)

Polle (Horsie), 2 min
Myyrän puuhat: Kuinka myyrä sai housut? (The Mole: How The Mole Got His Trousers), 13 min
Latvialaiset animaatiot: Kauhujen kotikolo (Home Hole Horrors),  7 min
Turilas ja Jäärä: Sadonkorjuu, (from the series Tootletubs and Jyro), 7 min
Myyrän puuhat: Myyrä ja eläintarha (The Mole: The Mole in a Zoo), 5 min
Turilas ja Jäärä: Labyrintti, (from the series Tootletubs and Jyro), 7 min
Keltaisen kirahvin eläintarinoita 2:  Äiti ei siedä koiria, (from the series The sun is the yellow giraffe), 7 min
Rexi-koira 1: Rexi opettajana (Rexi the Dog), 10 min

Comedy Mix at 13:00
(75 min, subtitled in English)

Say Yes and Dance (Sano kiitos ja tanssi)
Script: Antti Pesonen
Director: Antti Heikki Pesonen

A stressed out meat-factory boss tries to find peace of mind amidst a very strange job interview.

The Escapists (Eskapistit)
Script: Niklas Lindgren
Director: Niklas Lindgren

Ville has a new hobby: Larping, which he loves, even though he knows it´s not cool. When the girl of his dreams wants to meet him, Ville decides to keep his new hobby to himself. The date is nevertheless a disaster, until Ville gets help from an unexpected ally.

The Fascist (Fasisti)
Script: John Lundsten
Director: Taneli Mustonen

A parking attendant is about to write a ticket when she gets a lesson in fascism.

Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? (Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa)
Script: Kirsikka Saari
Director: Selma Vilhunen

The film is a comedy about a busy morning in a family and a mother who is trying to take care of everything by herself.

Being Human
(Hyvä ihminen)
Script: Paula Korva
Director: Paula Korva

A woman needs to prove to her date that she has a great compassion for those less fortunate.

Behind Curtain (Verhon takaa)
Script: Teemu Nikki
Director: Teemu Nikki

It is a school audition in the 80’s. Mikko is a bad singer, but he has been rehearsing a lot. Especially performing in front of an audience is not easy. Could singing be easier behind a curtain?

Just a Name (Naisen nimi)
Script: Melli Maikkula
Director: Tiina Lymi

Annu, 30, is getting married and tries to decide whether to keep her own name or take that of her fiancé’s. A seemingly small choice gains enormous proportions when Annu’s best friend considers the issue an important question of gender equality, while Annu’s fiancé belittles the matter. A gathering of close friends escalates when traditional and modern worlds collide – and yet, it is just a name that is at stake. Or is it?

The Investigation (Poliisi selvittää)
Script: Pekko Pesonen
Director: Aleksi Salmenperä

A few years ago 16 year old girl claimed that two men kidnapped her and made her sit in the icecold stream for an hour. Policemen doubted the story and desided to reconstruct the situation again. This is the story of policemen in the icecold stream.


For more info:
Leena Närekangas
050 3427114

International Short Film Day is organized in 14 countries. In Finland the main organizers are YLE Teema, Finnish Film Foundation, Future Shorts Finland, Finnish Film contact, Doc Lounge, Tampere Short Film Festival and Euphoria Borealis.

ARTS Speed Meeting 5.3.15

Would you like to widen your circle of contacts and find interesting people to work with in the future?

Maybe you already have a project in the works and need a photographer or a graphic designer to work with you?

The 4th Arts Speed Meeting on March 5th is the place to be, whether you’re looking for someone to work with or just want to take a look at what and who is out there. This time we will spice up the event with the members from the alumni relations, so you’ll have a chance to meet not only your fellow students but also the possible future employers. Sign up and come join us!

You’ll have two minutes to pitch your skills and a possible project to each fellow student and alumni before the seats are changed. You can also bring a small portfolio to aid you in your presentation. After the introductions (15×2 minutes in total) there’s time for some free mingling and refreshments.

Sign up HERE by March 2nd. Please note that in order for the event to work, the amount of participants is limited, and therefore the sign-up is binding. If it so happens that you cannot come after all, let us know as soon as possible, so we can give your seat to next in line. The participants will be contacted before the event to confirm their spot either on the event or in the line.

The event starts with an organized meeting round, therefore we kindly ask everyone to come on time. The latecomers are welcome to stay for the free mingling at the end of the event, although we cannot accommodate you to the meeting round after it has already started.  Enrolling to the event starts at 16:00, and the event itself at 16:30, so please come early to give us enough time for the enrolment!

More on location and how to get here, please check the instructions here.

Date: March 5th
Time: 16:00-19:00
Venue: Aalto Media Factory Auditorium

For more information contact
Producer Leena Närekangas
tel. 050 342 7114.

Watch the newest Aalto Snapshot online

We visited O.W. Lounasmaa laboratories last winter and as a result of that we can now present “Brain-to-Brain” video to everybody who is interested in knowing more about neuroscience in Aalto.

Watch the Brain-to-Brain or other Aalto Snapshots: https://vimeo.com/channels/aaltosnapshots/98542820.

The “Aalto Snapshots” are a series of short 3-5 minutes documentaries about Aalto’s phenomena – art and research projects, happenings etc. The goal of making this series is to present Aalto to the public and to create a standard for the university’s various presentation videos.